Our Mission

Our mission is to bring a valuable solution to an industry filled with ineffective and overpriced products. Real estate agents have been peddled systems and solutions time and time again, just to receive subpar results and stay stuck. We are bringing real estate online, and helping agents find and convert clients better and faster than ever.


Why LeadJolt?

John Danes and Adam Artemis started out with high hopes of becoming successful real estate agents. After wasting time, money, and effort on cold calling, begging for referrals, and networking events, they realized that outdated strategies were no longer the way to grow a successful real estate business. So, they turned to online advertising, and set out to solve a problem that hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals are struggling with, getting clients.


John Danes - Co-Founder / CEO

Danes started his first agency, 99MEDIA in 2018. He served clients in health and wellness, insurance, and financial services. After becoming a real estate assistant, he quickly realized many agents were struggling to find clients. After that, he set out to solve the problem for good. Today, he has set out to grow LeadJolt into the biggest real estate marketing consultancy in the world.


Adam Artemis - Co-Founder / COO

Artemis met his business partner, John Danes when he was starting his first marketing agency. Artemis and Danes set out to start careers in real estate together, and quickly realized a bigger problem at hand. Today, he has been responsible for the rapid growth at LeadJolt, and is the man behind operations and product development.


Our Core Values

Unshakeable Integrity

We do the right thing, even when it’s not the easiest thing.

Client Obsession

Our main focus is your experience and results.

Lightspeed Action

We work very quickly. If it can be done today, it will be.

Future Thinking

We solve problems, before they’re even there.


Hundreds Of Real Estate Agents Have Switched To Leadjolt, When Will You?

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