Cold calling and relying on referrals is a thing of the past. Sure, plenty—if not most—realtors still rely on it.

However, it forces you to constantly be on the hunt for buyer and seller leads when you could be investing your time in high-income activities.

We can’t blame you though. 45% of real estate brokers report that keeping up with technology is the biggest challenge their agents face. It can be intimidating to learn new tools and strategies when you’re comfortable with the old way of working.

That’s what this article is all about: teaching you real estate lead generation strategies that will increase production and skyrocket how many deals you get in 2020.

We’re not going to tell you the obvious like using Zillow, knocking on doors, or putting your success in others’ hands. You’ve already tried those. These are strategies you haven’t thought of but will transform your career forever.

Invest in a great lead generation system

Imagine never having to prospect again. Deals fall in your lap and you have more freedom than ever. Investing in real estate lead generation services will make that a reality. 

Companies like LeadJolt take lead generation out of your hands so you can focus on your strengths: blowing away clients, handling meetings, and most importantly—closing deals.

Think of it like an ultra-marathon where we pick you up and drop you off near the finish line. You only have to show them why they should choose you and close.

You have to be careful though. Don’t invest in just any real estate lead gen service.

Some use shady tactics or old systems that barely work. You’ll know when you pay them and see little to no results. You’ve probably already tried these outdated systems that are inefficient and hard to prosper with.

Many real estate lead generation companies give you low quality leads that are a headache to close and aren’t worth your hard earned money. Worst of all, they don’t use follow-up systems or automation to maximize volume. 

LeadJolt, on the other hand, uses data-driven strategies to double your production and amount of deals. We have your best interests in mind. Want proof? Here are a few of our happy clients:

80% of people who use automation software to acquire leads convert 77% of them more often. Don’t you want numbers like that? Get in touch with our team and claim your area today.

Chatbot automation funnel

56% of businesses that use chatbots say it’s disrupting their industry. 

When’s the last time you heard of someone using a real estate chatbot? Probably never. And, that’s exactly why you need to be doing it. 

It’s different. Nobody is thinking of it. It’s a chance to get ahead of local realtors and soar month to month production.

Firstly of all, what is a chatbot? It is an automated chat system that offers leads 24/7 customer service, collects their information, and pushes them further into the funnel where you then close them.

You don’t have to be Bill Gates to set one up either. Here’s how.

Step 1: Create a Facebook page

Every realtor needs social profiles to generate leads and keeps in touch with prospects. 

In fact, there are 3.2 billion active social media users globally. That means nearly half of the world's population is at your fingertips.

Create a Facebook page here if you don’t have one already to start making an automated chatbot.

Choose the “Business or Brand” page option.

Give your page a name that includes a local keyword like “Toronto real estate,” choose the “Real Estate Agent,” and enter your address.

Add a professional photo, cover image, and your page will be published. 

Edit the settings to include a link to your realtor website and any other important information potential clients should now.

That brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Create a custom greeting

Click the “Messaging” tab from the left sidebar and scroll down to “Show a greeting.” Enable this option.

Edit the message to greet the user with a personalization token such as their first name. Create a message that asks the recipient if they need help to prompt a conversation.

Click save when you’re finished.

Step 3: Set up automated responses

Your facebook page can include automated responses and questions to get information from leads and entice them to take action.

Click “Set up” beside “Set up automated responses” to begin.

Enable “Questions for Potential Customers.” Add questions regarding your services and collecting their information.

Click “Save” when you’re finished and your chatbot will be done. If you want to create advanced chatbots, we suggest using platforms like Manychat, Cleverbot, or Drift.

Email drip campaigns

If you want to build financial freedom and spend less time hunting real estate opportunities, you have to automate. We mentioned real estate email marketing in our past article as a way to replace cold calling but we’re going to take it one step further.

81% of businesses use email as their primary acquisition channel.

While collecting emails and setting up forms on your website is extremely effective, you can completely automate lead gen past this step.

This is done with something called a drip campaign. This is an automatic sequence that sends out premade emails at specific intervals. Instead of coming up with content and ideas, emails are sent to leads to build trust and book meetings.

Sign up for the free email marketing software Sendfox.

Click “Automations” from the top navigation and “Create Automation Series.” This will allow you to create an automatic email sequence.

Create and choose a list of Sendfox contacts that will receive this campaign.

You will then see your automation workflow. 

Click the email icon to add a new email or edit the initial trigger.

Automated emails should be customized via the buttom right “Personalize” option.

Add recipients' first names to boost open rates and click-through rates.

Email sequences need to be focused on a mix of educating prospects, establishing authority, and selling. Here are automated email ideas:

  1. Share a recent blog post, podcast, or YouTube video.
  2. Send subscribers to a landing page.
  3. Share a free course or lead magnet with subscribers.
  4. Ask subscribers questions to get to know them.
  5. Invite subscribers to a local meetup or networking event.
  6. Ask subscribers if they know anyone that can use your services.
  7. Send subscribers a link to schedule a free consultation with you.

Real estate Facebook ad campaigns (done right)

You’ve been hearing it from everybody. Facebook is the way to go as a realtor. Are you using it? If not, you’re missing out on some serious opportunities. 

However, you can’t simply point ads toward your website and pray for the best. It has to be engineered in a way that creates trust with prospects and turns them into meetings.

For example, LeadJolt guarantees over 50 leads and 10 appointments every month using a proven targeted Facebook Ads system. Read this case study to learn more.

If you wish to set up your own Facebook campaign, here are some tips.

Stay local to reduce cost per lead

Targeting is a large part of successful Facebook campaigns. Going too wide is expensive while going too narrow can reduce performance. You need to find a happy medium.

That’s why we suggest beginning with targeting a specific city or zip code. This allows you to start small, generate local business, and expand outward when needed.

Select the local business ad option and set the location to your city or a specific area.

Optimize the age, gender, and detailed targeting options like interests to further refine the targeting.

Use a creative that shows off a specific property, resonates with clients emotions, or catches attention easily. 

Use lead magnets to get prospects into your funnel

Many realtors make the common error of driving Facebook traffic to a homepage or another location where conversions are low. You need to start thinking in terms of a funnel. This is a series of steps prospects take from finding your brand to becoming a paying client.

The best way to get leads into your funnel is with a magnet. This can be a free real estate report, checklist, guide, or anything resource provides value. The key is to gate it by having them entering their contact information to receive it.

You can do this with Facebook’s lead generation ads. These directly insert a form into your ad.

Customize the text to explain what the prospects will receive by entering their information and change what data you’d like to collect under “Customer Info.”

Edit the thank you page of the form to forward users to a page where they can download the lead magnet. Preferably this will be on your real estate website so you capture more traffic.

Reach out to your team at LeadJolt if you would like this entire process automated and done for you.

Drive targeted traffic to listings

Since you will mostly be targeting local leads with your ads, it’s effective to advertise nearby properties to increase viewings and meetings which you can close on. 

Create an ad with Facebook's built-in traffic goal. Add an image, carousel, or video of the property you’re selling like so:

Describe the home and use a call to action such as “Tour this home” or “Book a viewing” to generate inquiries. 

The ad should ideally point to the listing itself or a landing page where you can collect prospects information and book a time to speak on the phone.

Wrapping up real estate lead generation

Real estate has changed. What worked in the past has become inefficient compared to the strategies we’ve outlined today.

For illustration, realtors who make $100,000 are more than twice as likely to use advanced technology like a CRM. You need to work smarter, not harder.

If you want to increase production, lifestyle freedom, and be a well respected realtor, invest in lead generation services, chatbot systems, drip campaigns, and Facebook ads. Stop spending time on low-income activities like cold calling and door knocking.

Claim your area today and we’ll show you how LeadJolt can implement our proven data-driven system for generating leads.


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