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Some Of Our Amazing Clients

At LeadJolt, we obsess over one thing, RESULTS! If we don’t load you up with 50 pre-qualified buyer and listing leads in your first month, we give you $1000.

Don B.

Don was looking to save some time in his business, while still making more money. In only one week of coming on board, we generated him 22 leads, and our concierge converted 7 of them into qualified appointments. “These guys are the real deal. I have used many of the big name lead generation companies, just to come up short with very little results. I’m very happy with the results I’m getting so far with LeadJolt.”

Frankie P.

Frankie was looking to remove himself from the daily monotony of chasing leads, making cold calls, and spending time on marketing and lead generation.  In 16 short days, he received 35 leads, is working with 5, and 1 is already under contract. “I am finally able to actually focus on serving my clients, and that’s where my time is best spent as a real estate agent. I have received really good quality leads, and my one deal under contract will make my investment with LeadJolt pay for itself.”

Nick L.

Nick is a newer agent who has had good success in previous ventures, and wanted to bring his talent over to real estate. He saw many of his peers spending time, money, and effort on different strategies to attract leads, and still getting mediocre results. So, he turned to LeadJolt for some help. “In only 5 days I’ve already got two very warm leads! I’m also talking with two more tomorrow. The systems LeadJolt is putting in place are crushing it for me.”

Alyssa K.

Alyssa is a real estate agent that was relying on SOI and referrals to bring her new business. She was tired of the output and time it took to find deals, and the inconsistency that came along with it. “When LeadJolt turned on their system, I saw more business come through than ever before! Within 1 week, I had multiple clients committed to working with me, and one passed to my lender for pre-approval.”